Does the thought of doing your own taxes....

give you a headache?

 You don't have to

go it alone!!

Sometimes doing your own taxes can...

lead to absolute frustration!

Let me help...

Give you peace of mind.

I Have Unlimited Representation Rights

Before Any Dept of the IRS

About an EA
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Tax Preparation
Fee Option

Don't have the money to pay your tax preparation fees? If you have a refund coming that covers my fees, bank and software fees, then you can elect to have what is termed a "refund transfer".

Your refund is deposited into a special account at MetaBank. The bank deducts its fee ($39.95), and your tax prep fees.

The balance is deposited directly into your bank account.

Information Regarding
Face to Face or
In Home Visits

Important Note

Due to the current Caronovirus outbreak, I will not be meeting any client(s) at my home nor will I be visiting them in their home until after the emergency has passed..

However, I can still prepare your taxes. You can either upload your documents through the online portal (links below) or by regular mail.

For more information please use the contact form below or call 855-MCTaxes (1-855-628-2937).

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File Your Own
Taxes Online

Yes! File your federal and state taxes online for only $25. No hidden fees. No gotchas. No complicated price tiers.

What’s included? Everything you need.

And the process is extremely simple—you’re going to love it.

Let's GO!

New tax laws concerning the
corona virus epidemic

Please use the contact form below to send me a general message.
If you wish to send a confidential message containing Peronally Identifiable Information (PII), then only use the portal links above.

If you do not have an email, feel uncomfortable with online technology, or would rather speak to me, then feel free to call me at 855-MCTaxes (1-855-628-2937).

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