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M. C. (Mike) Watson, E.A. President

Western Highland County's Only Enrolled Agent

I just might be able to cure your headache


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Wondering if you're required to file?

Due to the continuing pandemic, I will not be meeting with you face to face but with technology, we can do the next best thing.

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Enrolled Agent

Don't know what an Enrolled Agent is? You are not alone. Most people have never heard of the term except maybe in a commercial for IRS problems.

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Every 1040 M.C. Taxes files includes ProtectionPlus

M.C. Taxes stands behind its work and protects you from any mistakes in its tax preparation services. But what if you made the mistake? What if there was something you forgot to include in your return? You would be on the hook to pay for help in resolving the issue whether we or another firm handled it for you. But not if we file your return because you are protected.

Plus you get Identity Restoration Assistance included as well. How can you go wrong?

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Wait...What do you mean filing status???

Depending on your filing status, you can get a general idea whether or not you will have to file a federal return.

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New Security Measures Help Protect Against Tax-Related Identity Theft


Pandemic Meeting Options

Due to Covid-19, I will not be meeting most clients face to face. However, with technology at our fingertips, we can meet 'face to face' via online meeting.

Of course there are other options using the telephone and the US mail or other similar mail delivery services.

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